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BAUJA / 2018
Sculpture, glassforming and wood turning techniques

         BAUJA is the result of three day workshop, working hand in hand with materials and craftsmen of Istanbul. An open approach, sourcing objects, developing new methods and defining artefacts. Cam Ocagi Vakfi, 'the Glass Furnace' located at Beykoz, İstanbul Turkey, helped translate a buoy (şamandıra) which is commonly found within the markets of Istanbul into a glass sculpture. Normally anchored or allowed to drift with ocean currents, instead of being filled with air - now is filled with water. The buoy is elevated by two wooden columns, created by local craftman called Hasan An. In that height and with the movement of the water, drop by drop the buoy slowly empties. 

The sculpture was apart of a group exhibition at SALT Galata the art and research institute and Saraçhane Parki in the ruins of a nearly 2,000-year-old church.

(Craftsmen of Istanbul map)

Concept, Design;
Anna Diljá Sigurðardóttir

Cam Ocagi Vakfi
Crafted in Istanbul Project

Exhibited and produced for ;
SALT Galatai for Speed design

Special thanks;
Guclu Polat
Camille Brabant