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Vegetarian fish fillets, dried and frozen - variable dimensions.

The project ‘A future for fish’ is an investigation into the industry of meat alternatives. With so many alternatives to meat, why is there such a lack of fish substitutes when the fish industry creates parallel environmental issues. Fish are some of the last animals which we still often eat caught from the wild. Today’s industrial fishermen operate multi-million dollar vessels harvesting tens of thousands of fish from the sea, to feed the global demand.
This combined with increased acidification of oceans, global warming, and pollution, has led to a world where the majority of large commercial fish have disappeared from our oceans.

We created vegetarian fish fillets - frozen and dried. These fillets are containing the exact nutritional value as the Herring fish has. Focusing on the texture, shape, flavour and the rituals of consuming a fish. We produced an alternative which is both aesthetically and nutritionally very similar.

Concept, Design:
Anna Diljá Sigurðardóttir and Sorrel Madley

Published in:
Living Matter(S) Agri food capital Agri meets design
Dezeen, foods of the future at DDW 

Exhibited at:
Embassy of food, Dutch Design Week 2017