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11001.00KM to the final destination / 2018
Essay, Publication (Digital,RGB,Riso print)

The inaccessible, has become a fantasised surface in our minds. 11001.00 km to the final destination is a visual documentation and an essay showing the different perspectives in which we can perceive the world through google earth and - maps.

“Humans no longer move only across the surface —the skin—of the earth. Now we travel across layers. We encircle the planet from the warm undiscovered inner body of the earth to the cold outside surroundings. “

“Our navigation has reduced to two tactile finger motions. Where a flat censored surface can decide our next location. It can appear like a realistic dream—From the thick overwhelming atmosphere on the ground until it thins out and eventually merges with space. Where we, as screen travellers, have the possibility to access all desired locations.”

“Instead of the deep blue ocean, a blinking blue dot appears on the map. This blue dot has become our comfort and trustful friend following our every movement. It shows us where we are and suggests the fastest and the most convenient route for our desired location. No need for interpretation— everything is sorted out. The necessity of knowing names is gone. The blue dot is the only thing we need and the feeling of getting lost is erased from our system.”

“Seeing three-dimensional terrains and buildings with photorealistic texture. This new reality has filtered out unwanted information by blurring figures and disturbing imagery. This censored environment has now become our normalised space to travel through. Our eight eyes have captured memories with the thought of it being an immaterial frozen moment until its value is found by a visitor. Window shopping through these landscapes while being bombarded with fragmented impressions and overwhelmed by information.”

Concept, Design;
Anna Diljá Sigurðardóttir

Printed at;
Onomatope Eindhoven 

Published in;
9:30 edition by Lost and found